#12 @ Wild Horse

#12 @ Wild Horse

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May Update

A nice May shower going on now-hopefully bringing June flowers- A month behind the normal saying.  That pretty much explains the situation this spring.

We have heard some grumblings about the fairways and their conditions which was partially explained in these previous posts Ice Damage and Roundup Trials.  We are not as concerned as most are.  Sure we would like it to be perfect, but some of the small voids seen are dead annual bluegrass which is what we wanted to accomplish.  Give it a bit of time and they will be back to normal.   The past week's warmer temperatures have spurred some growth but we still remain  a good two weeks behind a normal schedule.

Greens have healed up nicely following aerification.  They still have some sand up in the verdure but once that works in we will be able to lower our height of cut which should help speed them up.

Looking forward to some nice spring golfing weather--hope you can get out to enjoy the course.


  1. Complaints by uninformed people merit no response, there are lots of other courses that they can go play. Keep up the good work!