#12 @ Wild Horse

#12 @ Wild Horse

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Another IDP, more drainage, and wildlife

We were able to install another Irrigation Driven Sump Pump this week on #12 just in time for the 3 inches of rain we have received in the past 2 days.  You can read more about this system in this post.
It worked so well we decided to do another this year in this big basin in front of 12 green.  We have steadily worked to improve the drainage at Wild Horse and it was a great relief to not have to pump  water with transfer pumps after a hard 2 inch rain.  Here are a couple pictures of the install.  My crew of 2 for this project and I were whipped after this day!

Below is a good picture of the winterkill area in front of 7 green.  You can see exactly where the water (ice) stands and thus why it incurred damage this year.  This is the next drainage project that we need to tackle to move that water out of this small depression.

I love the wildlife that calls Wild Horse home.  It always makes my day to see turtles, bunnies, pheasants, indigo buntings, and the numerous other species that are around.  Below is a picture of a ornate box turtle that must have just crawled out of his hibernating lair-notice the dirt still visible on his shell.  He quickly found himself a snack-notice the worm in his mouth.

Unfortunately nature can be harsh-this picture shows the destroyed nest of our pet turkey down by the irrigation well.  She raised some poults last year down there, but won't be able to again this year.  Sure will miss seeing her down there.

Just a little bit of what went on this week at Wild Horse.  Course continues to improve and we look forward to making more progress this week just in time for a three day golfing weekend!

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