#12 @ Wild Horse

#12 @ Wild Horse

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Season Recap and New Irrigation Well

Hey we are back after a terribly long hiatus through the season.  I apologize to the 12 of you that actually read and look forward to this sh__!  I just kept pushing this off to the last of the list and never got it done-no excuse.  Sometimes it becomes difficult to come up with something that is interesting but I will try to do better in the upcoming year.  

I guess to recap the year it was a very good one at Wild Horse considering the pandemic.  Many people found the golf course as a place to get out and enjoy fresh air and we are thankful for your continued patronage.  As far as the golf course was concerned it was another outstanding year turfwise.  We came out of winter well and despite a terribly dry year the course was good throughout.  The first half of the season was just OK in my opinion,-some days I thought it was good, others not so much so I guess average.  I thought the last half of the year was really consistent and better than the past couple so it was great to end on that note.

The big news of the fall for us is the conversion of our irrigation from a natural gas power unit to electricity.  You can see below the final placement of the transformer that will supply power to a whole new motor and well.

We have contemplated this for some time and felt the time was right to give ourselves a more reliable power and water source for our irrigation. The three phase electricity necessary has been installed.  A new well will be drilled sometime in January.  Then we can install the motor and VFD and begin plumbing into our existing system sometime after that to be ready to irrigate when season starts.  This will be a huge upgrade over what has been a workable but spartan pumping situation.  We are excited to bring this online and it will be a great infrastructure improvement at Wild Horse.

One last quick note about the winter weather.  It has obviously been very dry, but the last snow covered everything nicely.  And although it held little moisture and melted quickly it was just what we needed to keep the crowns of the plant moist.  We do expect to need to water greens sometime this winter, but this little snow sure helped for the time being.

Hope you all have a Happy Holiday and we all most certainly look forward to a more normal and great 2021.