#12 @ Wild Horse

#12 @ Wild Horse

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas Blowout

Nope its not another Christmas Sale but it is a first in my career at Wild Horse.  We charged up irrigation on December 14 and then blew out on December 18.  There was another year about 10 years ago that we charged up and blew out again before spring charge-up but that was in February.  Never did I think it could happen in December, but this weather pattern had left us high and dry!  We were able to run through 4 irrigation cycles and get plenty of moisture back in the soil.  The turf at this point of the winter looks pretty good since we have not had much in the way of very cold temperatures.  Just waiting to see what the next couple months bring.

Irrigation on #18

Starting the blow out on the chipping green