#12 @ Wild Horse

#12 @ Wild Horse

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Upcoming Aerification Schedule

Hard to believe but its coming up on aerification season again.  Here is our schedule for this fall.

Right now--Aug 3-6-  Fairways

August 24-25-  Overseeding (with bluegrass) greens surrounds.
This will be the last year we do this as we have established a good ryegrass/bluegrass blend on the collars.

August 26-27-- Greens surrounds

September 8-9 -- Tees

October 5-6--Greens
This will be different than previous years.  We will be pulling cores rather than just solid tineing.  They will be rather small (3/8inch)  so they can heal quickly before winter sets in.  We feel like our root zone is becoming compacted and the best way to relieve that is by removing cores.  We know that can be a pain for you the golfer but it is a practice that is necessary to maintain great greens through the summer.