#12 @ Wild Horse

#12 @ Wild Horse

Monday, January 12, 2015

Golf Course Rankings

January 12--Hopefully you all got a new putter or driver from Santa and have been carefully getting the feel for it in your living room or garage.  Perhaps you are lucky enough to travel to warmer climes to utilize your new gift.  There are lots of golf courses to choose when you travel and each golfer looks for a course that fits their golfing ideal for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps it is design, maintenance, or even access that determines where you play.   Combining those attributes usually makes a course a "must play".  That is what we try to accomplish here at Wild Horse and it has garnered attention from many golf publications, the latest of which is our inclusion into Golf Digest's Top 100 You Can Play list.  It is an honor to be included in such rankings and a validation for the hard work put in by all clubhouse and maintenance staff.  Whether Wild Horse is number 30 or 100 on the list really isn't that important as the differentation between the two is mere decimal places in most cases.  But being included in the list shows that our product is easily in the top 5% of all golf courses.   That in itself may not be a reason to play here but to those travelling golfers looking for a great experience such lists are a good source.  We at Wild Horse are extremely grateful for all of our guests that make the effort to come see us annually or even for a one-time stopover on a cross-country trip.  We cannot survive without these players which makes each "places to play list" so very valuable to us.  Anyway just wanted to congratulate Wild Horse for its accomplishments and thank all who have been a part of it and that includes our members and guests through the years!

The course received a nice rain in mid-December and it has been cold since with some snow cover.  To this point the winter has been much more favorable than last so we hope for the best for the rest of the winter.  

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